iKairon 2.0

Astrologie Software für iOS, compatible with iPad, iPod und iPhone

On the Appstore since Nov 12, 2017

Last update to version 2.01: Nov 21, 2017

This is a complete rewrite of Kairon, to enable a new growing range of features. Settings are now inside of the app and take immediate effect. All Colors can be set. Glyphs can be rotated or not. Aspect symbols can be displayed on the lines if wanted. Printing is enabled, as well as options to share your data with other users, other apps or to just back them up. Kairon now calculates Nakshatras for all objects, not just the moon, as well as basic vedic dignities. Pdf-print-views can be shared via email and for now there are two fonts that can be switched, the former, well known slim font and now also a new fat font. Quite some new planets have been added and the secondary progressions module has new features like age and lunations. Charts are now saved automatically on every little change and can be sorted into an unlimited number of categories. And (optional) clockwise houses and gauquelin sectors...

Website earlier versions 1.0 – 1.5


Kairon started as freeware for Mac in 1997 and was running on MacOS 7.0 - MacOS 9.2. It can still be downloaded from: https://kairon.at/former/Kairon_e.htm. In 2004 the first version for MacOS X was released, Kairon 3. Its latest version as of now is Kairon 3.61. While Kairon v2 is still freeware, Kairon v3 has been shareware - or better - "try before you buy ware" from start. It can be launched without restrictions 30 times, then no more unless a license-key was purchased. In 2009 iKairon for iOS was born as a minor sibling of Kairon 3.6 and is available on the AppStore from iOS 3 to iOS 10. The new release of iOS 11 brought forth Kairon 2.0 which no longer uses the engine of Kairon 3 but the new engine of Kairon 4.


How to create or open a new document?

Methods > Radix > Category

Creating a new document does not work?

Make sure you have selected a category first. If no categories exist, first create one, from there you can then create new chartfiles.

How to return back from Synastry, Transits, etc?

Methods > Radix
and on iPhone click on Radix again

Methods, Settings, Share does not show?

On iPad in portrait mode swipe right :-D

My old data are all gone?

Quick and easy solution: Share > Recover what can be recovered -> Assign files without category to a category or even import or delete old files from there.

But if anything went wrong with the automatic import, don't worry, your data can be saved to your hard drive via iTunes. Once on your Mac the data can be imported into Kairon for desktop and then saved into one single file that can be emailed to iKairon and all is fine.

Is there also a Manual, to be downloaded and printed?

Yes, now there is, in Japanese by Yasuji Yamanaka san:

iKairon Tutorial Japanese

And he even translated it to english, too:

iKairon Tutorial English


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