Kairon's Treasured Links

spinning ChironLearn more and feel more about Chiron and his Friends, who may
open their secret doors to you on Zane Stein's wonderful Pages and
follow his links! - And if you have a Windows PC, make sure to take a
close look at his favorite software Urania, written by Bogdan Krusinski!!!

  • Learn more about Kentaurs on Zane Stein's Pages and follow his links.
  • Watch the home of Kairon's ephemeris and surf to Astrodienst Zürich.
  • Visit the home of Kairon's location database provider ACS in San Diego, CA.
  • Pay hommage to Kairon's older brother "Kairon 2.19" on macOS7-9.
  • Astrology for PDA's? To know more take a trip to pivique!
  • More than just a Font, an ultimate Gem: (Segno von Nil Orange)
    <can be ordered via email from Nil Orange>



  • Andreas Gaschler's szone (Surrealism and Fantasy in Oil on Canvas and Panel as well as Sketches, to View and to Buy)
  • Lois Lammerhuber www.lammerhuber.com (International Star-Photograph, Photos to enjoy and also for commercial use)

Link Exchanges

www.ordotrimegistus.netAstrological Energies
that rule Freemason's Temples
& Boost Mankind Evolution Paths