Kairon Download Page

If you are running Catalina or higher, go here, else, please read on :-D

Update for Tiger, Leopards and Lion: Please AFTER installation, download and use this file: Kairon 3.6.1
(this update will not replace the installer, but if you have already installed you only need to replace this one file in Applications)

Before you attempt to download "Kairon 3.6" please make sure you are running an Apple Macintosh and that your current MacOS is at least Version 10.3 or higher.

>>> Kairon 3.6 will not run on anything less than Panther! <<<

Kairon 3.6 Installer on CD with two extra fonts and offline tutorial: click here for details.
Kairon 3.6 Installer: Click here to download the Full Application with the "ACS Mini Atlas".
Kairon 3.6 Atlas Installer: Click here to download the Full ACS Atlas (full license required).

Installation of Kairon:

  • doubleclick the downloaded file and follow the installation process
  • once you are done you will find the new Application in your Application Folder
  • doubleclick the item "Kairon 3.6" to launch "Kairon 3.6".
  • if you feel like it, move it anywhere you like :-)

The Installer will Install a new Font, "Kairon Semiserif" into your "Fonts" folder (/Library/Fonts/Kairon Semiserif)
and everything else you need into the "Kairon" folder in your Library's Application Support folders.

No restart is needed to properly use your new software.
The Software will work fine for 30 launches, then you will need to register to continue to use it.