You actually should download Kairon and use it for 30 launches,
and then, if you like it, you are most welcome to buy from here :-)

The following licenses are available, 20% VAT will be added on purchase:

  • Mini License Private - ACS Mini Atlas - € 30.-
  • Full License Private - ACS Full Atlas - € 60.-
  • Mini License Professional - ACS Mini Atlas - € 50.-
  • Full License Professional - ACS Full Atlas - € 100.-

Full License means: you get an Atlas with more than 200.000 locations,
Mini License means: it is exactly like what you downloaded (with the already included 9.000 location Atlas)

Professional means: as you intend to make money with Kairon, please pay the full price
Private means: as you are an idealist not making money with Kairon, you get it cheaper

  • Upgrades in every shade possible, please request via email

Please note that the registration-module inside Kairon has been deactivated, as Kairon's former retailer KAGI is no longer

Please do not buy Kairon before you have successfully installed it, if you have troubles installing contact support instead

Please choose your License, 20% VAT will be added on purchase, your license key will be sent within 24 hours: