Features of Kairon 3

Guarants for Ultimate Quality of User Experience and Integrity of Data

Computer Platform Apple Macintosh • iPhone iPod iPadCatalina and higher
Operating System osX 10.3 or higher, Kairon 3 will not boot on anything less than Panther
Astronomical Calculations SwissEphemeris by Astrodienst Zürich
Atlas ACS Astro Communication Service in Sandiego, CA
Mini Atlas with over 9.000 locations (default)
Full Atlas with over 250.000 locations (an additional 5MB download)
(full support of daylight saving times worldwide!)
File Format AAF database files: a document can hold any number of charts
Graphic output rendered via apples Quartz system in pdf
(very good antialiasing even for screen output, graphics can be shared with a pc and printed out there with no font installation required)
intestines cocoa and c


kinds of charts
  • sidereal (supporting 21 different Anayamsas)
  • tropical
  • topocentric
  • geocentric
  • heliocentric
19 supported aspects Booktip: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis: New Perspections in Astrology
  • conjunct
  • sextile
  • square
  • trine
  • sesquisquare
  • inconjunct
  • opposition
  • quintile
  • tredecile
  • biquintile
  • septile
  • biseptile
  • treseptile
  • semisextile
  • semisquare
  • novile
  • binovile
  • trenovile
  • tetranovile
60 defaulted Objects
  • sun
  • moon
  • mercury
  • venus
  • mars
  • jupiter
  • saturn
  • uranus
  • neptune
  • pluto
  • true nodes
  • false nodes
  • true lillith
  • false lilith
  • vertex
  • all house cusps
    also as objects
  • chiron
  • chariklo
  • elatus
  • okyrhoe
  • cyllarus
  • hylonome
  • pholus
  • asbolus
  • nessus
  • bienor
  • ceres
  • pallas
  • juno
  • vesta
  • eros
  • isis
  • lilith (asteroid)
  • hekate
  • cupido
  • hades
  • zeuss
  • kronos
  • apollon
  • admetos
  • vulkanus
  • poseidon
  • melpomene
  • kalliope
  • thalia
  • euterpe
  • urania
  • polyhymnia
  • erato
  • terpsichore
  • klio
  • astraea
  • hebe
  • iris
  • flora
  • metis
  • hygiea
  • irene
  • psyche
  • victoria
11 optional asteroids constantly growing list of 11242 freely downloadable Asteroids (the entire scrollable list is found in the preferences field)
11 arabic points can be chosen and modified from a user editable scroll-list of about 300 objects (any object calculated by kairon can be part of any user definable arabic point)
16 popular house systems
(any can be set as default)
  • placidus
  • koch
  • regiomontanus
  • campanus
  • alcabitus
  • topocentric
  • porphyrius
  • asc equal
  • asc vehlow
  • mc equal
  • mc vehlow
  • solar
  • null
  • morinus
  • axial rotation
  • horizontal (azimuthal)
glyphs any symbol of any font can be set for any glyph, even words can be used
windowing Chart Data are organized in AAF-Chart-List files, any number of windows can be opened. Chart data are separate from graphical preferences, so you can set up as many theme files with as many custom bodies and custom fonts and custom symbols as the hard disk of your Mac allows. There is one chart menu and one windows menu allowing precise selection in any situation

are set independent of chart data, any number of preference files can be set up but only one preference file is open at a time (though during one session they can be switched)

output of data kairon 3 saves as .pdf, .eps, .tif, .aaf, .txt, .rtf
partner features
  • graphical transits are animated via a configurable stepper
  • textual transits can be given out in lists over certain time at certain intervals
harmonics a stepper will step through 78 harmonics, in addition any number can be entered
  • by birthday (forward and backward)
  • by indexday (forward and backward)
  • primary (forward and backward for asc and mc)
  • secondary (forward and backward for any object including asc and mc)
return charts
  • solar return (inside and outside)
  • lunar return (inside and outside)
  • any planetar is supported
  • solar (local and global)
  • lunar (global)
occultations all planets and asteroids that are shaded by the moon are calculated
texteditor built in, can deal with rtf and plain text, can open incredibly large files and is cute
printing via Apples Quartz technology and any printer that prints on your mac will now also print with Kairon ;-)
pc sharing Want to send a file to a pc? Simply attach a pdf to an email and it can be seen and printed out with no loss of quality, no fonts needing to be attached.
Furthermore there are huge databases holding AAF Libraries of Chart data available online, the AAF Format is an international, platform independent File Exchange Format supportet by a growing number of highe end astrology applications
aspectarium shows the orbis and if applying or separating, the graphic lines show the strength of an aspect by means of thickness
support via apple help, via tutorial (under construction) and via forum

at present german and english are available (kairon chooses from the user setting, which language to display, by nature kairon is multilingual)